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Series:Clinical Application and Certification of Therapeutic Pressure

As a healthcare or wellness provider, you know that therapeutic interventions include the use human touch and with that touch, the application of gentle to heavy force, which the patient perceives as pressure. Therapeutic healthcare interventions include bandaging and wound care, CPR, bathing the patient, and palpating. For wellness and bodywork practitioners, force is applied when giving massages- relaxation, sports, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, reflexology, and other services.  But how do you know when you're applying too much force and pressure unless the patient complains?  How do you know when you're applying too little to be effective? 
Now through newly developed cutting-edge technology and research, health and wellness providers can assess their own applied force in measurable units. After self-assessment, providers will practice and develop muscle memory to apply light, gentle, medium, heavy and intense pressure, and a new way to document the care in health records. The new skill will lead to uniformity  in your applied force and standardization across healthcare and wellness providers, leading to higher patient/client satisfaction.

CNM Ingenuity also offers a certification as an option for individuals once they have completed the training. Through this course option you can select a special reduced price for both the training and certification. 

Obtain certification in standardized touch! Having successfully completed the training in Clinical Application of Therapeutic Force and Pressure this is now your opportunity to become certified in this technique. By registering you will be invited to participate in a 2 hour guided practice session with the instructor where you will practice, retain and reproduce touch pressure ranges for five distinct levels of force and pressure, while at the same time developing muscle memory that aides you in standardizing your force and pressure! You will also select a 30 minute time slot following that practice session, but within 10 days of your training, where you can demonstrate your competency and be awarded an Intelligent Pressure certification by CNM Ingenuity.  
Prerequisite: Successful completion of "Clinical Application of Therapeutic Force & Pressure in Healthcare Interventions" within the last 90 days.
Certification Requirements: Participants must be able to successfully demonstrate all five levels pressure. This workshop can be repeated, if desired. 

Key Details

Tuition:  $399.00

Schedule Information

Class Name (Course #/Class ID) Location Start Date Class Schedule
Clinical Application of Therapeutic Force & Pressure in Healthcare Interventions--Live Webinar (6680075 /60383) 09/25/2020 Daily - Fri 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM; starting 9/25/2020, ending 9/25/2020 (New lessons are released None specified)
Standard Application of Therapeutic Force and Pressure in Healthcare Certification Exam Prepay--Online (6680073 /59407) 06/10/2020 ; ;
Class Skip Dates :Self-Paced (New lessons are released at your own pace.)